International Self-Report Delinquency Study (ISRD)

North Macedonia

The ISRD4 in N.Macedonia will be conducted in two big cities – Skopje (the capital) and Kumanovo. These two cities (were also included in the ISRD3) are multiethnic and therefore that is good opportunity to see the results between different ethnical groups. 

The research in North Macedonia will be funded by the Zurich University of Applied Science represented by the Institute for Delinquency and Crime Prevention  (they received grand from the Swiss National Science Foundation (project nr.192539)

National Team


Prof. Dr. Natasha Peovska (Jovanova)


Prof. Dr. Natasha Peovska (Jovanova)

Local Coordinator

Faculty of Security-Skopje, University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola, Bitola, Macedonia


Natasha Jovanova & Oliver Bacanovich  CORRELATION BETWEEN DELINQUENCY AND VICTIMIZATION AMONG   CHILDREN ,Collection of papers from international scientific conference  Contemporary trends in social control of crime


Natasha Jovanova & Oliver Bacanovich SELF-REPORTED JUVENILE DELINQUENCY AMONG PUPILS IN PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS (2015)International Scientific Conference, Researching Security: Approaches, Concepts and Policies, Ohrid Republic of Macedonia